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Biweekly 3-2021, report of Safety Information Publications between 2021-01-25 - 2021-02-07

Publ. number Issue date TC Holder Type Subject
2021-0044 2021-02-05 LEONARDO S.p.A. HELICOPTERS AB139/AW139 Electrical Power - Overhead Panel - Inspection
2021-0039R1 2021-02-03 BOEING 737 Return to Service
2021-0043-E 2021-02-02 CEAPR DR 400 Air Conditioning - Cabin Heater and Carburettor Heater Ducts - Operational Restriction / Inspection
US-2020-26-14 2021-02-02 MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. MU-2B (USA production) Propeller Pitch Control Lever / Linkage - Inspection / Modification
ISR-I-57-2020-06-01 2021-02-01 GULFSTREAM (GALP) G280 Instructions to install a doubler at the attachment location of the wing Rib 0 and the front spar.
2021-0042 2021-01-29 AEROSTATS, BALLONS CHAIZE, BALLONS LIBERT, BALLONSERVICE & TECHNIK, BALONY KUBICEK, CAMERON BALLOONS, LINDSTRAND TECHNOLOGIES, NOTHEISZ BALLOONS HUNGARY Kft., SCHROEDER FIRE BALLOONS, SUP-AIR BALLON EGYESULET, ULTRAMAGIC MA Series Hot Air Balloons, CS SERIES HOT AIR BALLOONS, JZ SERIES HOT AIR BALLOONS, JZX SERIES HOT AIR BALLOONS, Libert Hot Air Balloons, Schoen Hot Air Balloons, AB 2 Hot Air Balloons, AB 8 Hot Air Balloons, AEROTECHNIK AB Hot Air Balloons, BB Hot Air Balloons, Special Shape Hot Air Balloons, A Type, A Type Cloudhopper, B Type, C Type, Cameron Special Shape Hot Air Balloons, Gas Balloons, Helium-Hot Air Balloons, Hot Air Balloons, L Type, Lindstrand Special Shape Hot Air Balloons, S Type, Sky Hot Air Balloons, X Type, 203T HiFlyer, Series 1, Series 2, Series R, Series Special Shapes, TGB, TOMI Series, fire balloons G, fire balloons S - Special Shape Balloons, SUP-AIR Series, Hot Air Balloons, Special Shape Hot Air Balloons Hot Air Balloons - Burner Assembly and Hanger - Inspection / Modification
2020-0104R1 2021-01-28 AIRBUS A318, A319, A320, A321 Oxygen - Oxygen Supply Solenoid Valve - Inspection / Replacement
ISR-I-04-2020-06-02R1 2021-01-28 GULFSTREAM (GALP) G280 Temporary Limitations and Inspection Requirements of the Section 05-10-10 Airworthiness Limitations Section - Airplane Maintenance Manual Revision
US-2020-26-13 2021-01-28 SIKORSKY S-92 Horizontal Stabilizer - Forward Root Fitting / Strut Fitting - Life Limit / Inspection
2021-0041 2021-01-28 AIRBUS HELICOPTERS SA/AS 365 / EC 155 Doors - Placards - Installation / Rotorcraft Flight Manual - Section Emergency Procedures - Amendment
2021-0040 2021-01-27 LEONARDO S.p.A. HELICOPTERS A109/A119 Instruments - Wiring - Inspection / Modification
2021-0038 2021-01-26 AIRBUS HELICOPTERS EC175 Time Limits / Maintenance Checks - Airworthiness Limitations Section / 04-10 Limitations and 04-20 Inspections - Amendment
2021-0036-E 2021-01-25 DASSAULT AVIATION Falcon 7X Oxygen - Crew Oxygen Mask Stowage Boxes - Inspection
US-2021-01-02 2021-01-25 M7 AEROSPACE LLC SA26 Propellers - Pitch Control Lever and Assembly - Inspection / Replacement
2021-0037 2021-01-25 AIRBUS A340 Flight Controls - Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator - Modification
2021-0033 2021-01-25 AIRBUS A330, A340 Flight Controls - Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator Lower Attachment Parts - Inspection
2021-0035 2021-01-25 AIRBUS A330 Exhaust - Thrust Reverser Translating Cowl Pressure Seals - Inspection / Rework
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