NEW: Conflict Zone Information Bulletin

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Conflict Zone Information Bulletin

As a user of our Safety Publications notification service, you will automatically receive notifications of all CZIBs that are being published, unless you reset or refine your filter criteria.

How to...

Stop receiving CZIB notification

In case you would like to stop receiving notification e-mails of new CZIBs, edit your existing filter by simply unticking the box titled CZIB.


Refine the filter for the CZIB notification

By default you will receive all Safety Information that is published within the tool.

You can refine your filter by using the CZIB general product categories. These can be found within the taxonomy under Conflict Zone Information Bulletin.


Hint: CZIBs are not linked to actual TC-Holders/Types/Models and any search/filter based on those criteria will return no result.


To add the selected Conflict Zone Information Bulletin Category, double-click on it or drag'n'drop it to your selected filter as usual.

You will see a small exclamation mark over the icon of the filter, indicating that you have made a change which is not saved yet. To apply your changes, just click on the "Save" button again. If the update was successful, you will receive a confirmation message


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