Perform an advanced search

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To perform an advanced search on the complete list of ADs, click on the "Advanced Search" button.



To the left, inside the blue panel, you can specify a keyword to search for, whether to return normal ADs, Emergency ADs, Proposed ADs, SIBs, Proposed SDs or SDs, and a starting and ending issue date. Underneath the form fields you will see a textual description of your filter for your convenience.

The taxonomy panel allows you to select TC holders, types and/or models that you are interested in. TC holders are organized alphabetically. Clicking on any letter will return the corresponding list of TC holders, clicking on any TC holder will return the list of type certificates maintained by that TC holder, and so on. To add any level of the taxonomy to your filter, you can either double-click on it or drag-n-drop it to the current filter panel on the right. To remove a TC holder, type or model from the filter, you can click on it to select it, and then click on the trash bin icon to the bottom right.

Some TC holders, types, or models will have an icon with an orange outline. This means that there are currently no publications associated with them. However, please bear in mind that a publication may apply to a particular type or model, but not the TC holder or the type as a whole. In this case, the icon of the TC holder or the type will be an orange outline, but there may be types or models underneath which have publications associated with them.

Within the taxonomy (in the list of TC Holders), category “APPLIANCES” can be used to filter ADs published against a part or appliance having its stand-alone approval. The filter can be further refined by selecting subcategory “ATA chapter” or a specific appliance category within each ATA chapter.

In order to search for SIB which are linked to categories rather than real TC holders and Types, select "TC holder" “Safety Information Bulletin” and you will find a list of applicable categories to choose from.


Hint: Please keep in mind that SDs and SIBs are only linked to the Safety Directive / Safety Information Bulletin Categories. Any search for SDs or SIBs for a specific aircraft type/model will return no result.

When you are done defining your filter, click on the "Search" button to get the list of ADs, SDs or SIBs which match your criteria.