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EASA publishes a Biweekly report of ADs every second Tuesday. This report contains ADs issued or adopted by EASA from Monday 2 weeks ago up until the Sunday right before Tuesday. For example, the Biweekly report published on Tuesday, the 23rd of March 2021, will contain all Publications from Monday the 8th to Sunday the 21st (2021/03/8 - 2021-03-21).


You can access the list of all AD biweekly reports by clicking on the "AD Biweekly reports" button on the top toolbar.



Biweekly reports are organized by year and are sequentially numbered starting from 1 up to 26. You can view the reports for one year by click on the corresponding tab on the left blue bar.


You can download a biweekly report in the CSV (Comma Separated Values), HTML, or PDF format, but biweekly reports published before 15/11/2007 (before biweekly number 23-2007) can only be downloaded in the PDF format.


Please note that the primary source of information for EASA ADs remains the AD publishing tool and that the Biweekly report is provided as an additional service only.


Warning: Please note that these CSV files use the semicolon (;) as a value delimiter. Microsoft Excel decides which symbol to use as a value delimiter when opening CSV files, based on the symbol used for decimals in your locale. If the symbol used for decimals is the comma (,) as in Europe, then the semicolon is used as a value delimiter. If the decimal symbol is the dot (.) as in the USA, the comma is used as a value delimiter and if you try to open one of these CSV files, every row will only consist of one cell. To get around this, first download the CSV report file, create an empty spreadsheet in Excel, and go to the menu Data->Import External Data->Import Data and browse to the saved CSV file. A dialog will popup which allows you to select the semicolon as a value delimiter.