The filters page

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When you are logged in, you can access the filters page either by clicking on the "Edit filter" button in the main ADs list page, or in the "Advanced search" button on the top toolbar.



The filters page provides additional functionality to the advanced search page. Underneath the search form fields, you will now see a set of buttons related to filter management and on the filters panel you can see the complete list of filters you have created. Your filters are saved with your profile so that they are always available when you login to the application.


There is always a filter named (current) and a (show all) filter. The (current) filter is the one you will work with temporarily. It is retained throughout your session (i.e. until you close your browser), but it will not be there next time you login. The (show all) filter is used to show all ADs, EADs, PADs, and SIBs in the system, regardless of TC holder/type designation or issue dates. The first time you login to the application, this is also the default filter applied to the list of publications.


To perform a search based on any of your filters, just click on the filter in the filters panel and then click on the "Search" button. When you select a filter, the criteria for that filter are automatically applied to your search and the filter description is updated to reflect the selected criteria.


To avoid system overload and notification errors, create multiple filters, preferably one for each of your types, rather than a single filter containing all your types.
Please note that, in case you wish to be notified for all Models of a type, it is enough to select only that one type in your filter, rather than (also) adding all Models.