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If you click on the menu point “MCAI” you can see the list of all Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information published within the EASA Safety Publication Tool, sorted by issue date in descending order. The most recent MCAIs are displayed at the top of the list.



On the top of this page you can see a toolbar which allows you to perform various actions: View 'MCAI', View 'SIB',View 'SD', perform an 'advanced search', view past biweekly reports, export the current list of publications, read the online version of the user guide, 'register' and 'login'. Depending on the page you are currently in, some of these actions may not be available.

To the left, you can specify a keyword to search for in the title or any field of the publications.

From left to right, the table of MCAIs contains the EASA MCAI number, the issuing country/entity, the date the MCAI was issued by EASA, the subject of the MCAI, the product category affected by this MCAI and the actual documents of the MCAI in PDF format  (or ZIP archives containing multiple associated PDF files). MCAI is recommendation only, therefor does not come into effect at a certain date.

The list of MCAIs is limited to 20 MCAIs per page. Depending on the filter defined by the user, the list may extend to more than one page. To navigate between these pages, use the buttons at the bottom of the page.

You can change the field to sort on, by clicking on any of the underlined column headers. The arrow next to the header indicates the sorting order (ascending/descending).